Why It’s Important to Support an Alcoholic Loved One

Benidorm actor Johnny Vegas has spoken of his struggles with alcohol and admitted that the birth of his son, who is now ten years old, gave him the kick he needed to reconsider his lifestyle. During a radio interview, Vegas said that he used to go on four-day drinking sessions but when his son was born, it forced him to reconsider things and to reduce the amount of alcohol he was drinking.


Vegas said that, although he knew the four-day sessions could not be good for him, he was never really worried about it until his son was born. He said, “When you have a child, it’s suddenly that feeling of, ‘I need to be around now and I want to be around’.”

He has recently confirmed that he and second wife Maia are expecting a child.

The Effects of Alcohol on the Family

Vegas knew he needed to control his drinking once his son was on the way but, for many people who struggle with alcohol problems, there is nothing that can make them stop. Even when they see the damage they are doing to their families, the compulsion to drink can be too strong and can take precedence over everything else in their lives.

A family member with an alcohol problem can affect the entire family. Living with a partner or spouse who has an addiction to alcohol can be extremely difficult. Those who have alcohol problems can be disruptive and can cause conflict in the home. They may become aggressive when under the influence of alcohol and this upsets the whole family, especially children.

Partners and spouses of alcoholics may feel to blame or have a lack of self-worth because of their loved one’s addiction. They may think that they have caused the addiction and feel ashamed. Many partners will try to hide the problem from extended family members or from the neighbours but the burden of doing this can be very stressful.

Why Do People Turn to Alcohol

There are many reasons why people develop an alcohol problem. Many individuals think that alcohol relieves stress so use it as a coping mechanism. Having a glass of wine or a whiskey at the end of a hard day at work is a common occurrence and not harmful for most people. However, when that glass of wine becomes two or three glasses, it becomes an issue.

Those who drink more than the recommended daily amount of alcohol are putting themselves at risk of developing a dependency on alcohol. They are also increasing their risk of developing illnesses such as liver disease, high blood pressure, depression, pancreatitis, and some cancers.

Other reasons people turn to alcohol include boredom and low self-esteem. Many teenagers drink alcohol out of boredom or because of peer pressure and, unfortunately, some of these teenagers will go on to develop alcohol problems as they get older.

Support is Important

Family support is very important for alcoholics who want to get better. They will also need treatment for their illness but having the support of loved ones will go a long way to helping them achieve success.

If you have a loved one suffering with an alcohol problem, it is important that they get help for this as soon as possible. Daniel Gerrard is an intervention specialist who works with addicts and their families all over the UK. He can help your loved one to admit to the problem and to seek help for his or her addiction. Call today for free, confidential advice.


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