Rehab is a crucial step in the fight against addiction. Finding the right rehab isn’t easy, but let Daniel Gerrard use his in depth knowledge to help arrange your rehab care.

After an intervention, it’s vital to get an addict into rehab as soon as possible. Using his experience and knowledge – backed up by an impressive array of qualifications, Daniel;s servies is second to none.

Daniel Gerrard only works with the very best rehab clinics around the world – and can help you find the right one to suit your particular needs. Treating every case individually – after all, there’s no one size fits all solution to addiction, Daniel will help identify your rehab needs and match you up with the most appropriate treatment options.

When someone you care for has fallen under the spell of addiction, they need help, and fast. By taking the first steps to seek help you could save their life. Let Daniel’s experience and knowledge enable you to help someone you care about break free from addiction.