Testimonial 1


NB: all name references have been changed to protect identity


Hi Daniel,

Firstly, thank you so much for helping my family, but most importantly, for helping my sister.

Along the painful road of watching her battle her addictions, no one really helped her, or helped us to help her. The only advice we were given was that we could do nothing until she crashed and asked for help. It’s so difficult to just sit back and let that happen, but no one was there to help or advise us any differently.

Until I called you that night. I didn’t tell you this, but when you started talking, and everything you said made so much sense, and you were so, so kind, I got off the phone and cried. Finally, my family had found someone, the right person, who heard us and could help.

Doing an intervention was terrifying to think about. We were scared that it would fail and she’d be in a worse state than before. We imagined her being abusive and running away and never speaking to us again.

The reality of the intervention was very different. It was certainly extremely emotional but it went totally opposite to how we’d expected it to go. It was calm, and accepting and sad.

I believe that the reason it went so well was because of Daniel Gerrard. Daniel advised us on what to say, how to say it whilst always remaining true to ourselves and our own feelings and boundaries. We’ve tried talking to her many times over the years and with Daniel’s guidance, this was the only time we succeeded.

Daniel’s guidance, professional and very personal approach gave us the confidence to go through with it.

I hope I never have to repeat this, but for anyone going through this, Daniel is the person you need with you throughout the process.
Kind regards,


Testimonial 2


Dear Sirs,


I am writing to recommend Intervention as a whole and in particular Daniel Gerrard as a most effective “Interventionist”. As someone who has been through a rehabilitation program he knows and understands what it feels like to be on the receiving. He will keep things simple which is invaluable in terms of guiding you through the concerns and questions that you will have. He is extremely calm and practical when you actually turn up and manages the process superbly, allowing you to focus on what you must do (which is create a call to action).


Apart from being competent he is also genuine and caring. What he does is amazing. He allows people like you and me to save the life of someone we love. I believe passionately in what I went through as someone assisting in an intervention and believe that it was one of the most positive things I have ever

done in my life. If you have any questions or doubt the sincerity of this letter then I have no objection to Daniel putting you in touch with me.


Yours sincerely




Testimonial 3.


Finding your loved one in a drug-induced state is everyone’s nightmare. It happened

to me. My son kept convincing me he was in control and he would sort it-he didn’t.

He ended up in hospital due to his drug taking that is when I knew I had to take

action. I got in touch with a drug rehab unit and they were very sympathetic toward

me and gave me a number to give to him to phone-3 days later he still hadn’t phoned

despite him saying he would.


The rehab unit then contacted me again and suggested a get together. During that

meeting it was recommended that maybe an interventionist might be the best way to

get things moving quickly and in my opinion things did need to move quickly if my

son was to be saved


The interventionist contacted me that evening and arranged to meet at my house

together with the rest of the family-before the meeting we had to write ‘consequence’

letters. These were hard to write as they were in effect telling my son that if he did not

take the lifeline being offered then we as his family would disown him. The letters

also gave him some hard-hitting facts of how his drug habit was affecting us


We met the next evening and a plan was hatched where we would go together to my

son’s home early the next morning to confront him with the letters and the option of

going to rehab. The interventionist guided us all the way


Now, words cannot describe the night I had prior to going to my sons home and the

next morning I was full of dread, heartache and total devastation but with the help of

my family we got through it.


We got in to his flat and the initial look on his face will stay with me forever. He

was also full of fear. We read out our letters to him and he sat and listened (during

all this the interventionist was steering us). My son agreed to go but said he needed a

few days to sort things out, if we had not had the help of the interventionist I would

of caved in and my son would of manipulated me again. But very reluctantly and in

anger he went……………………. 7 weeks on my son is drug free and determined to

finish the programme, but one day at a time


What are the benefits of an interventionist?


They know the mindset of a drug addict, everything that the interventionist said would happen the next day did.

They guide you through every step of the way and do not allow anything to happen to get us off the path of the goal-can easily happen because your emotions are all over the place.


They take the drug addict to rehab and they know all the tricks they may get up to during the journey.


The rehab unit is on stand by with the medical team, advisors and therapists aseverything is co-ordinated.


The family doesn’t need to wait until the loved one is at rock bottom, that maybe too late.


And you are relieved because your loved one is in the hands of experts and although there is a long way to go, they have taken the first step and that’s the hardest.

Testimonial 4

I recently experienced an ‘Intervention’ for a very good friend who has long suffered from alcoholism and depression.

Despite being a highly intelligent, sporty man with a close network of friends, a marriage breakdown and separation from his family eventually got the better of him. You discover that alcoholics behave very differently from the person you think you know. They are fully prepared to lie to their closest friends – and to perpetuate a myth that they are in control of a disease which is increasingly in control of them. Things had got to a desperate stage where we knew that my friend  was falling apart.

After much discussion with his family and friends we engaged the services of Daniel Gerrard to help us through the process of an intervention. It is a significant decision to take and the cause of much anguish for everyone involved. I wont explain the process as no doubt the reader of this has been researching their options – and hopefully found Daniel. I just wanted to say that the Intervention was a very powerful experience – and had a significant impact on the alcoholic. It is very early days but it may well have saved my friends life.

Our Intervention was planned and managed throughout by Daniel. Daniel explained how it was going to work and guided us carefully through each element, making sure the 7 of us were all engaged and on the same page. Not easy as there was a recently divorced wife and teenage children involved, as well as friends – some of whom had never met each other. Daniel was clear about our objectives, what he wanted from us and he prepared us fully for the traumatic meeting with my friend. He discussed the situation with each of us and gave us counsel on our letters to read out to my friend as well as our actions and responses. He had the right mix of confidence and empathy and as someone who’d had issues himself, he understood what my friend was going through and had intelligent insights in terms of how we should react and proceed.

I’d recommend an Intervention as an effective action of last resort and in my experience you may be closer to the real need to conduct this than you realise – as alcoholics are notoriously effective at disguising the depth of their problem and the reality of their situation. I’d also say it is vital that this is managed by a third party who is trained and has experience. I have only just met Daniel, but all of us were really impressed with the way he managed the whole thing and I’d recommend him wholeheartedly to someone in a similar situation to the terrible one that we found ourselves in. My friend has expressed his gratitude for his Intervention.

Thank you for the support you gave to my friend, his family and to his friends. I wish you well and I hope that whoever is reading this has the resolve to support someone trying to deal with a similar situation. 

Best wishes