Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is part of Daniel Gerard’s sober services and is an effective intervention for someone who needs intensive support in the early days and weeks of recovery. Recovery Coaching provides one to one intensive support and can be used in varying degrees of intensity. It is a very flexible and individual service.

What is a Recovery coach?

A Recovery Coach is someone who has a well-established recovery program themselves and is experienced in helping others to achieve the same. A Recovery Coach is not just simply an addict in recovery, but someone who is able to apply cognitive approaches, Counselling skills and motivational skills in their approach to helping and supporting others.

Essentially a Recovery Coach is there to hold the hand of an individual once they have been through a detoxification and/or treatment process. They assist with reintegration, establishing a firm foundation of recovery and accompanying the individual to appointments and social commitments. A Recovery Coach, if need be can be provided 24 hours a day for as long as required. They have a genuine interest in helping individuals to establish their recovery and a personal understanding of the difficulties faced in the early days.

When would a Recovery coach be appropriate?

It is important to recognise where a Recovery coach can be of help in an individual’s treatment program. Recovery Coaching is a professional and intensive service designed to provide an individual with a bridge to normal living. It can be especially useful for those who do not have a family network of support on leaving a rehabilitation treatment program. There are a number of circumstances and scenarios where an individual can really reap the benefits of having a personal Recovery Coach:

  • Where an individual is suffering from high levels of anxiety on leaving treatment
  • Where an individual struggles with discipline and motivation
  • Where an individual is lacking in self-esteem and direction
  • Where there is little or no network of support available to the individual on their return home from treatment
  • An individual who wants the extra security of having intensive support night and day
  • An individual who needs a sober companion to accompany them to social functions or engagements where temptation may be a problem
  • An individual who is travelling abroad for work and would like the company and security of taking a Recovery Coach with them

Due to the flexibility of this service, the possibilities are numerous. Recovery Coaches can be supplied for anything ranging from a one off social function to actually moving in with a client for a period of days or even weeks. It can be an ideal solution for those who need a more flexible and personal approach to their treatment needs.

For more information on how Recovery Coaching can help your loved one, family member, friend or employee, please call and speak to Daniel today.